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Lake Como Vintage Boat Tours

Discover Timeless Elegance & Unmatched Beauty on Lake Como

Experience our private Lake Como Vintage Boat Tours, where we invite you to step back in time and experience the splendor of Lake Como in a way that only a classic wooden boats can provide.

Lake Como Vintage Boat Tours

An Experiences Tailored to You

Our Lake Como vintage boat tours are curated to provide an immersive experience, allowing you to explore the rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking natural landscapes of Lake Como.

Whether you are seeking a quiet afternoon escape, a romantic sunset sail, or a guided tour of the lake’s iconic villas, we have something to suit every taste. 

Scenic Stops:

Visit secluded spots and famous landmarks only accessible by water.

Gourmet Dining:

Enjoy exclusive lakeside meals at top-rated local eateries renowned for their exquisite cuisine.

Cultural Insights:

Learn about the area’s rich history from knowledgeable guides with a deep love for Lake Como’s heritage.

Sailing with a Touch of History

Our private boat tours are more than just a simple boat ride; they are a gateway to the past, combining the thrill of discovery with the tranquility of sailing on one of Italy’s most famous lakes.

Discover our vintage wooden fleet

Classic Beauty Meets Modern Comfort

Our fleet comprises hand-selected wooden boats, each with its own story and unique charm.

Chris Craft Runabout

Size: 5.90 meters
Capacity: 3 people + skipper

Embark on a luxurious journey with the Chris Craft Runabout, a 1957 vintage wooden speedboat that epitomizes elegance and class.

Perfect for intimate gatherings, this boat offers a unique setting for your most memorable occasions on Lake Como.

Its classic design and high-quality finishes ensure every outing is not only a trip but a plunge into the history of boating elegance.

Three-Sailed Gozzo

Size: 8 meters
Capacity: 5 people + skipper

The Three-Sailed Gozzo is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, designed for those who appreciate the artistry of traditional shipbuilding.

This hand-carved wooden sailing vessel is tailored for leisurely sails across the tranquil waters of Lake Como, offering a picturesque experience under its gracefully billowing sails.

Its spacious deck is ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the panoramic beauty of the lake’s surroundings.

Bayliner Capri

Size: 6 meters
Capacity: 5 people + skipper

Experience vibrant sophistication aboard the Bayliner Capri, a boat that combines contemporary comfort with classic boat tour luxury.

With its striking blue hue and sleek design, the Capri is perfect for exclusive tours or capturing special moments.

Sail through breathtaking scenery and enjoy unparalleled comfort and safety on Lake Como.

Mostes 24

Size: 7.5 meters
Capacity: 6 people + skipper

Includes: Water, drinks, 1 bottle of prosecco (options for champagne and buffet available)

The Mostes 24 offers an unrivaled boating experience, blending luxury with historical charm.

This splendid vessel provides a comfortable and stylish way to explore Lake Como’s famous villas and stunning landscapes.

Pass by fascinating sites accompanied by the exquisite flavors of local cuisine, all while enveloped in breathtaking views that define a luxury boat tour.

Bruno Abbate 34

Size: 10.50 meters
Capacity: 8 people + skipper

Includes: Water, drinks, 1 bottle of prosecco (options for champagne and buffet available)

Newly renovated for your comfort, the Bruno Abbate 34 is a symbol of modern luxury.

Equipped with powerful turbo diesel engines and featuring plush seating, this boat provides a smooth and powerful navigation across Lake Como.

The Bruno Abbate 34 is your gateway to a lavish exploration, offering spacious relaxation areas and a host of amenities to make your journey unforgettable.


Colombo 36

Size: 11.20 meters
Capacity: 8 people + skipper

Includes: Water, drinks, 1 bottle of prosecco (options for champagne and buffet available)

The Colombo 36 Custom, moored in Lecco, exemplifies sleek design combined with powerful performance.

Following an elegant refit, this boat offers sophisticated brown leather upholstery and state-of-the-art conveniences, providing everything needed for maximum relaxation and enjoyment on your Lake Como tour.

Ilver 36

Size: 11.80 meters
Capacity: 8 people + skipper

Includes: Water, drinks, 1 bottle of prosecco (options for champagne and buffet available)

Step aboard the Ilver 36 and indulge in the luxury of space and power.

Renovated to enhance every aspect of your cruise, this boat features luxurious white cushions and a suite of modern amenities.

Its large sunbathing areas and comfortable cabin layout make the Ilver 36 perfect for both partying and peaceful relaxation as you navigate Lake Como’s iconic waters.

Revenger Zeus 28.7

Size: 11 meters
Capacity: 14 people + skipper

Includes: Water, drinks, and 1 bottle of prosecco (options for champagne and buffet available)

The Revenger Zeus 28.7 is perfect for groups seeking a blend of speed and comfort.

This robust inflatable boat is equipped with two powerful 500 HP Yamaha engines, ensuring a smooth and stable ride for up to 14 guests.

Its modern amenities and spacious sunbathing areas offer both relaxation and luxury, making it ideal for enjoying the panoramic views of Lake Como. Experience a thrilling day on the water in style and comfort.

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