Live a moment of magic on board the balloon to admire the wonderful Lake Como

Wandering the sky near Milan – in Lombardia  lakes region – is an exciting and exhilarating experience.  
A fee l worth trying. It takes just 3 hours to inflate and fly the balloon, pick it up after landing, pack it and return to the meeting point. 

Numerous ways of getting into the air today, however  hot air balloons are undoubtedly the most romantic and tranquil experience within everyone’s reach. 

The secret of a flight in a hot air balloon is to let yourself be  carried by the currents and the impression of floating lighter than air itself. 

  • Fare per passenger [€400.00]
  • Daily tour 55-65 minutes
  • Transfers included from our offices

With the wonderful view from above aboard an authentic hot air balloon, flying over the lake and the magnificent city of Como with its majestic Cathedral at dawn, a journey overlooking a prestigious balcony for postcard views and an unforgettable experience.

During the Hot Air Balloon Flight, you will be able to admire in absolute silence some of the most characteristic places of interest in the city of Como, as well as the most romantic lagoon bay in the world, starting with the temple-shaped building dedicated to the Como physicist Alessandro Volta. Then the spectacular contrast created by Lake, Sky, and Mountain highlights the historic funicular, which runs along the side of the mountain for about one kilometer, leading up to Brunate. The lights at dawn are projected onto the majestic Duomo and the masterpiece church of Sant’Abbondio, patron saint of the city of Como.
Continuing to fly, you reach the hill of the “Spina Verde” Regional Park until you literally touch the tower of the “Castello del Baradello”, which overlooks it. As soon as you pass the hill, you overlook the WWF oasis of Bassone where you can enjoy all the beauty of Brianza with its colors that characterize it in every season.
  • Pre-briefing
  • All-Risk Insurance Policy
  • Courtesy kit
  • Briefing
  • Hot air balloon flight (55/65 minutes)
  • Private Bus (Transfers by land)
  • Toast on landing
  • Brunch – (*) not on all flight
  • Flight Certificate
  • Upon reaching the minimum number of passengers transfers from our offices to the starting point
The flight in a hot air balloon will offer you a lot of surprises, starting from when you see the balloon up close and it will start to inflate and you will realize, for the first time, its grandeur. It will surprise you It’s a way of flying, in fact only in a hot air balloon you will be able to fly as fast as the wind because without realizing it you will be right in the wind.
It’s a majestic and silent movement, but above all without any jolt and/or vibration of the basket because even if you go on a journey without a destination, your enjoyment is guaranteed.
These will be just some of the pleasant surprises that await you on board a Balloon Tour hot air balloon. At the end of the flight, after landing, we will meet with the Balloon Tour team, with family and friends who want to join us, here you will receive a “Baptism of Flight” certificate celebrated by the Captain and we will make a toast to remember this wonderful adventure.
  • [€900] Rate for a minimum of 2 passengers up to a maximum of 4 passengers.
  • Transfers included from our offices.
  • Daily tour 2 hours of flight
  • Pilot: Raffaele Moscara
This Exclusive Tour, is designed to offer an exceptional point of view from which to admire the beauty of Lake Como in all its picturesque complexity where you can let yourself be embraced by the panorama, surrounded by an immense natural park made up of mountains and lakes, valleys and woods but what makes this scenario most unique and evocative are the elegant Villa Melzi, Villa Serbelloni, Villa del Balbianello with their splendid gardens, as well as the colorful houses of the small villages located along the banks of this lake in the shape of an upside-down “Y”, called also Lario.
Lake Como is made up of three different sections, the famous branches….the Lecco branch which meets that of Como, and both join up with the one that runs north towards Colico, where the imposing Adda river flows. And it is exactly where the three branches join that a hilly promontory rises, a small spit of land that acts as a springboard in this body of water located between the mountains, where Bellagio lies. Small lakeside village, which for its particular beauty has become known not only in Italy, but also throughout the world. This is confirmed by the presence of Hollywood stars who have chosen Lake Como as their refuge, but also, as the chronicles of travelers since the sixteenth century attest, various historical figures have stayed there such as: Emperor Maximilian I, Leonardo da Vinci , Ludovico il Moro, Bianco Sforza and Cardinal Borromeo, and in the 19th century, Pellico, Queen Victoria and Alessandro Manzoni.
The Hot Air Balloon Tour could only take off from Bellagio, the splendid “Pearl of the Lake”, offering our passengers these incredible glimpses that will remain forever etched in the hearts and minds of those who fly over them. From the top of our hot air balloons you can see the snowy peaks of the Alps, the trails of the boats that trace the lake in their crossings, meet hikers along the path that leads to the top of Monte San Primo or observe a group of cyclists attempting climbing the steep roads of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo.
This tour has the characteristic of making each flight unique in all seasons, in fact apart from the take-off from BELLAGIO, the lowest common denominator for each of them, the approximately 2 hours of subsequent flight they will make you experience a mix of emotions driven by the wind to discover this enchanting destination with the only certainty of living a magnificent adventure to tell …… of course what you must not miss are the photo shoots they will be the only proof that will remind you not to having had a dream but having experienced the magic of the Tour.
  • Daily tour 70/80 minutes
  • [€1000.00] Rate for 2 passengers
  • Transfers included from our offices
Love is a few meters above the sky, in the clouds .. The Romantic Tour consists of an exclusive flight for two people, with a unique panorama looking at the infinite on the horizon waiting to dedicate the sunrise to your soul twin.
A trip in a hot air balloon with those you love the most, to conquer the blue to celebrate an important date, an engagement anniversary, a golden wedding, a special marriage proposal or simply to impress the love of your life. When you look back, you will remember with a smile the unique and exclusive moment lived with your better half. We will take care of everything, all you have to do is travel embracing while flying over the magnificent prairies, between the lakes and the Brianza Mountains.
To conclude, a toast with champagne will crown a day that will remain forever in your hearts. I don’t think there is a more romantic experience like a declaration of love written in the clouds, possible only with the exclusive Romantic Tour.
  • [€1200.00] Rate for 4 passengers
  • Daily tour 70 / 80 minutes
  • Lake Como, Italy
  • Pilot: Raffaele Moscara
With the Private Tour, only your relatives or friends will be with you on board the balloon for an intimate flight from start to finish. The private tour was conceived by Balloon Tour to ensure that the feeling of flying together is shared, this incredible experience in a hot air balloon allows you to activate the dynamics of strengthening group identity. The sharing of emotions continues during the flight itself, a primordial event for most of the participants which will undoubtedly remain indelible in the memory of each of them and which will be remembered and recounted on all future meeting occasions. After enjoying the splendid landscape, as well as the uniqueness of the balloon flight and certainly taking some beautiful photos to publish on social networks, the landing phases will follow which will conclude the flight, where this magnificent adventure can be celebrated with the “Baptism of Flight ”, toasting with Champagne and enjoying a rich Brunch with typical products of Brianza, fresh cheeses, cold cuts and aged cheeses.


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