Exclusive Tours Over Lake Como's Magnificence

Soar with Elegance

Live a moment of magic on board the balloon to admire the wonderful Lake Como

Embark on a unique journey with Lake Como Entertainment, offering exclusive hot air balloon tours that redefine exploration.

Soar over soft hills, traverse enchanting lakes, or indulge in a romantic escapade. 

Nel Cuore della Brianza

€250 Per Person
55-65 minutes

Embark on a hot air balloon adventure above the soft hills, immersing yourself in the heart of Brianza’s natural wonders. 

Briantei Lakes

€250 Per Person
55-65 minutes

Embark on a captivating hot air balloon flight above the Briantei Lakes, an experience that promises to unveil the hidden beauty of Lake Pusiano and its surrounding counterparts.


€320 Per Person
55-65 minutes

Experience offering a bird’s-eye view of the majestic Lago di Como.

Glide gracefully above the lake, treating yourself to postcard-worthy views and unforgettable moments.

Private Tour

€940 Per Person
70-80 Minutes

Take to the skies aboard a hot air balloon with only your closest friends or family. This intimate flight experience is meticulously designed to create a unique bond, fostering a sense of togetherness from the very beginning.

Romantic Tour

€850 Per Person
70-80 minutes

A Journey of Love and Unforgettable Memories.

This exclusive hot air balloon flight for two is designed to create timeless memories against the backdrop of a limitless horizon and the gentle embrace of the clouds.

Star Tour

€940 Per Person
120 minutes

STAR Tour ensures each flight is unique in all seasons. Although taking off from Bellagio is the constant, the approximately 2 hours of flight guarantee a mix of emotions as you navigate the wind’s guidance through this enchanting destination.

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